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About Us

History and Philosophy

GreatRoom Shelters™ is a family-owned (also woman-owned) business founded on the premise that storm shelters can do more than keep you and your family safe in a tornado emergency. Shelters should be useful even when no storm has you in its sights. We have developed a specialized (patent pending) wall system, the GreatRoom Wall™ (learn more about it HERE) that will not only keep you safe, but will also allow you to create additional useful space — a beautiful structure that you can use 100% of the time as a garden shed, an art studio for painting or pottery activities, a reading room, an exercise room, and a retreat from the day’s stresses that can also withstand the forces of Nature’s most violent storm, the EF-5 tornado. Learn more about our tornado shelters HERE.

Your beautiful room comes with a Dominion Products StormPro™ door, and it may also include optional  Dominion Products StormPro™ shutters, both of which are third-party certified with Underwriters Laboratories with listings to meet FEMA 361 and FEMA 320 standards.  Dominion Products is a division of Assa-Abloy, the world’s largest supplier of security doors and hardware.  All of our materials are made in America, and all our manufacturing processes and distribution are done in America.

Environmental Assurance

We not only want to bring form to function, but we feel that life-safety structures can be manufactured and distributed in a manner that respects the Earth. GreatRoom Shelters™ are made of Nature’s only renewable natural resource — wood. It is a carbon storehouse; each shelter keeps almost 11,000 pounds of pure carbon out of the atmosphere.  In addition, when wood supplants the use of high-embodied energy materials, such as concrete and steel, the net carbon footprint is lowered even further.  We are committed to leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible from our products and distribution.

Harman-Maulden Designs

This innovative shelter product-line was developed by Harman-Maulden Designs, Inc., a North Carolina corporation formed in 2011 by Paul Maulden and Dave Harman. Harman-Maulden Designs, Inc. is committed to ethical business standards, highest quality products, and outstanding customer service and support.

The Story of GreatRoom Shelters: A Crossover Design

Dave Harman, GreatRoom Shelters
Dave Harman
Paul Maulden, GreatRoom Shelters
Paul Maulden (on right) details the GreatRoom™ Wall

Paul Maulden, a designer and builder of English garden architectural elements, and Dave Harman, a retired CPA, originally worked together at Dave’s log home manufacturing business in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, designing spacious garden studios from renewable wood with beautiful roof lines and great functionality. When the destructive tornado outbreaks of April and May 2011 occurred, Paul wondered if it would be possible to make beautiful outdoor structures that could also provide life-safety during dangerous storms and tornadoes. After almost two years of engineering research, design and testing, an innovative design was developed. It was the perfect combination of form and function. The result is GreatRoom Shelters, built to NSSA standards and FEMA approved guidelines for the most destructive weather events.